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Jacaranda storm

  • Poems

The purple storm And the forgotten flowers To become rain and bows. Flora Lee


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The robust wind,Strong enough to shake my whole apartment buildingIncluding myself insideAnd the stormy rain gusting afterwards. I wish these impenetrable powers strong enoughTo oust my old,The old way of being,And the old way of seeing. To find my true being,That existed from the birth,An… Read More »Storm

Moments in 2020

I hope when we remember 2020we reflect on heart-felt momentslike slow-cooked meals with loved onesand simple everyday enjoyments. Moments of kindness and generositybetween people, and even strangers,that brought out the best of humanityas together we face our fears and dangers. Moments when essential workersrisked their… Read More »Moments in 2020

Two-twenty, a runcible year:

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Two-twenty, a runcible year:you’re separate from those who are dear.That’s suffering, not bliss—the Buddha said this.It’s no longer hidden, but clear! Two-twenty, this runcible year!Some encounters that were just so dear:The forest nearby,the web, wings to fly—you’re close as if you were right here. Two-twenty,… Read More »Two-twenty, a runcible year:

If 2020 was a mirror

  • Poems

If 2020 was a mirrorwhat reflections would it show?If 2020 brought us lessonswhat does Nature want us to know? In subduing the roaring bushfiresthat burned everything in its path,can we subdue our anger and hatred,and offer forgiveness instead of wrath? In clearing the bushfire’s smokethat… Read More »If 2020 was a mirror

Don’t Know Mind

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Mummy and daddy, where are you? I am afraid that I do not know.How long more will the pandemic last? I wish I can tell but I do not know.What will the New Normal look like? For this, I definitely do not know.But this much… Read More »Don’t Know Mind


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A dream of high hopes,A dream of high expectations,Frozen in the abyss,Only to spiral out of control. A chance to stay at home,Reflect on what we value,What is of importance,Testing our patience too. We wore face masks out and about,To protect ourselves and others,We stayed… Read More »2020

Mindfulness in Breathing

Observing inflows of fresh airWatching outflows of hot airAwareness of in breaths, out breathsInvaluable endeavor Action sounds simple, yet difficultAttention soon rapidly scattersThoughts effortlessly followedMind wandering uncontrolled Practice enhances facilityQuickly bring focus backBreathing in, breathing outMind eventually settles Untamed mind calmedTraining a commitmentDiligence worthwhileClarity manifests… Read More »Mindfulness in Breathing

Positive Mindset

  • Poems

Cancer brings great havoc With mind unguarded Drugs with endless side effects Simply too much to bear Equipped with strong mind Though often unrecognized Defeatist attitude a tendency Clinging to wrong thinking Daily uphill struggle Difficult to see clearly Easy to be overwhelmed Staying with… Read More »Positive Mindset