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If 2020 was a mirror

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If 2020 was a mirror
what reflections would it show?
If 2020 brought us lessons
what does Nature want us to know?

In subduing the roaring bushfires
that burned everything in its path,
can we subdue our anger and hatred,
and offer forgiveness instead of wrath?

In clearing the bushfire’s smoke
that plunged our skies into darkness,
can we clear delusion with wisdom’s light
and calm our mind with stillness?

In avoiding the torrential floods
that swept away all it was destroying,
can we resist being swept away by endless desires
that drown us in an ocean of suffering?

In containing the Coronavirus
that spread as a contagious disease,
can we contain the infectious greed
that causes harm here and overseas?

While some may consider 2020
as a year that took more than it gave,
Perhaps 2020 was the shock we needed
to challenge us to rise and be brave.

Tina Ng