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a tsunami flows through my lifenot just now,but from the beginningless times;each time it picks up intensity,it drowns all things in sight;the destruction!growth and dissolution, each time the butterfly emergesfrom its chrysalisit flies higherskylarking;eventually, it fades; away fromordinary sight;appears to the one with other sightIs… Read More »Tsunami


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Rivers, Ganga, Yamuna, Sarabhu and theMahi, the Achiravati, in the stories of the great Sage;a confluence of riverswalking along Mill river, this afternoon!the river overflowed;all the rivuletswere swollen, hugging forest floor,liquid paths meanderingtranscending;from a mountain range; unseen,Himalayas?Truth is to be seen here and now; timelesswith… Read More »Rivers


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river like breath, flowed pristinely; its ebbing, and the flow; away from the river I cannot breath, its air refreshing; away from river, the breath lacks vitality, a strangling, a  suffocation,   By the river, breath takes on a vibrancy, an urgency; Emergent breath subtle,… Read More »Breath

many enter the woods

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many enter the woodsnear the peripherythe trail is clear to follow yet deeper along the wayno track is discernibleas shadows shade the day footfalls shape the dustthough none will see themalong this solitary path M

the way winds within

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the way winds withinthe spiral path is clearly illuminatedbut only glows in momentswith whispers and glimpses even when the sky is withoutland the eyes have little to seethe feet can still feel their way throughdreams until another day dawns the birds greet the morningeating the… Read More »the way winds within

Inner Explore

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Why look, at a book? When you can read your own heart. Or can you? What is it we do? Rushing to our graves. Doesn’t matter what we have, Who we think we are. An inner explore, Right to my core. A clearing in the… Read More »Inner Explore

Heavenly Glen

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Magic waters, fairy glen,When can I feel your peace again?Elves lead the way, to the place we would play. Wonderfully lost, in your deep green,Watched only by the unseen. Sweet relief right from the start,Steps in your depths delight my heart.Walked on a tangle on… Read More »Heavenly Glen

Reflection on the Year 2020

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Great fires and Covid sorrowful events… I found peace and meaning in Nature and its service – surveying wild birds, restoring habitats, sharing that interest and joy. By preserving the Natural heritage, we are preserving the Spiritual heritage of boundless Love. Danuse Murty