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Moments in 2020

I hope when we remember 2020
we reflect on heart-felt moments
like slow-cooked meals with loved ones
and simple everyday enjoyments.

Moments of kindness and generosity
between people, and even strangers,
that brought out the best of humanity
as together we face our fears and dangers.

Moments when essential workers
risked their lives to protect us,
these everyday heroes kept us going
shielding us from fire, floods and Coronavirus.

Moments walking around the block,
looking for teddy bears in window sills.
Grateful to walk this bountiful land
that brought us clear skies and rolling hills.

Moments when we watched on
as nature found its way back.
The air cleared and waters cleaned,
and animals reclaimed their habitats.

Moments when we stopped our busyness
to be wholeheartedly present here and now
to these moments and all sentient beings,
in heart-felt gratitude, I deeply bow.

Tina Ng