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A dream of high hopes,
A dream of high expectations,
Frozen in the abyss,
Only to spiral out of control.

A chance to stay at home,
Reflect on what we value,
What is of importance,
Testing our patience too.

We wore face masks out and about,
To protect ourselves and others,
We stayed away from those we loved,
To protect them, out of love not anger.

It was a challenging year,
A trying year,
An enduring year,
A strengthening year.

It brought the world closer,
Whilst stifling travel,
It created borders but brought us together,
In our hearts and mind.

2020, a year to remember,
Pain, joy and sorrow all combined into one,
Waves of highs and lows,
We wait for the middle ground, for balance to return.

Nilanka Tilbrook