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One million and one things that could happen tomorrow

One million and one things that could happen tomorrow
Half are likely to be tinged with sorrow

The other expect to be happy and gay
Life is funny, the balance usually tips this way

Up and down
Smile and frown

Moments of bliss, weeks of trepidation
Years of happiness tinged by negative rumination

Contentment is fleeting, expect to be in the pits again
Wallowing in sadness with little light seeming to remain

Then suddenly burst through the clouds of misery and doubt
To see the sun radiating as always, your sadness was just a passing bout

Is there a reason the pendulum swings back and forth?
A rollercoaster of emotion which obscures the direction of true north

Why not have one without the other?
Picture yourself forever embraced in the arms of a lover

A hug so tight with no means of separation
Would transform serenity into eternal stagnation

All of the first and none of the second
Simply cannot be and ought not be reckoned

Alex Trauth-Goik