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Heavenly Glen

Magic waters, fairy glen,
When can I feel your peace again?
Elves lead the way, to the place we would play.

Wonderfully lost, in your deep green,
Watched only by the unseen.

Sweet relief right from the start,
Steps in your depths delight my heart.
Walked on a tangle on the floor of the jungle.
A maze of roots, a world of its own,
Masterpiece, home of a gnome.

Sparkling, trickling, waters cool,
Sheer delight, immersed in your pool.
And from my being, you drained away,
All the tension of the day.

Feel somewhere higher, thankful to Gaia.
No photo could do justice, to this.
I’ve never been here before,
But I’ve been here before.

On that note, as Tolkien wrote,
Left of the moon, east of the sun.
Near Narnia, Neverland and nowhere,
I found myself there.

Sanctuary for sages, throughout the ages.
Beloved forest,
I’m home.

Nilushi Disanayake