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When Mara comes knocking on your door

Hello Mara…

 I see you,
 but I also see through you.
 Your perceived tangible existence,
 Is merely as tangible as gripping hold of rainbows…

 Not just any ordinary rainbows,
 one’s which peirce outwards toward the sky.
 Fabricated by the forceful sprays generated through the reflection of my awareness.
 Travelling faster than the speed of light,
 and shining brighter than a thousand suns.

 Your existence is only made possible,
 In contrast to a compassionate heart.
 Your presence within my mind,
 is only but fractals and specs.
 Inconspicuous disguises,
 the shadows created from my light.

 Thank you Mara…

 For if you had never poisoned me with fruits of your nectar,
 I could never have inquired into the true nature of my blossoming spirit.

 If you were to never show me impurity,
 never could I have practiced morality.
 You deluded me with ignorance,
 So I could find clarity.

 Tempted me with bitterness,
 so I could practice kindness.
 Gifted me with greed,
 so I could discover renunciation.
You forced me with desires,
 So I could practice detachment.
 You inadvertently gave me my morals,
 And therefore revealed to me my illumination.

 Just as new life is created through the seeds of fallen trees,
 So too, have you allowed me to grow in the depths of my own dismay.

 Goodbye Mara…

 Even though you have arrived,
  I understand that you must now leave.
  Your presence is impermanent,
  though your impact ripples on.

 During the coldest winters,
  blossom the warmest springs.
  Even though you have caused me great suffering,
  Still, I will never succumb.

 Through my darkest hours and my toughest times,
 I have often wondered and pondered.
 How such a hideous beast,
 can torment and sicken so many innocent beings?
 But now I have come to learn,
 It is through your darkness,
 That we are able to find the light within ourselves.

 I bid you farewell Mara,
 With no remorse.
 As you have been my manual,
 To keep me mindful.

 May your illusion live on,
 inflicting countless beings,
 with insight, gratitude, and love.
 So they may be more kind to themselves,
 And pass on this kindness to others,
 Practicing wisdom, knowledge, and peace.

Kieran Connolly