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Words buzz as spirits move through water,
and the leaky astroid ejects milk and honey.
Clouds bursting
horizontal purple so blue
in fact they burst
like bubbles
parachuting down
Fomenting flippantly with butterflies
let’s catch a big one I say
and have an adventure.
Asteroids licking honey so blue
I leave aside the shadow on the purple horizon
and descend in fact I burst
down, way down
butterflies dancing everywhere
let’s catch a big one
I grin-
spark the adventure now

that astroid is leaking honey
throughout this Milky Way
my clouds have burst
horizon purple dark :dank and musty
so blue in fact I burst up,
bubbles away
yet I parachute down
words angled buzz and jump to express
Words angled buzz and jut to express –
in this wild life.
Out here, we walk in blue sky,
and notice the spirit wind breeze that talks to us,
in this dry dust.
And clouds signal over the Bluff,
like faces.

Tom Fielding