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Saving Yourself

As I think of coming closer to you,

I feel warmth in my body rushing to each part trying to remember how it felt like when we first held hands
Your soul is art
And your mind is an art form
And your heart gives it rhythm
I’ve been holding onto that holy triangle since the time I can remember it was promised to another universe
I found freedom with you
And found that you’re trying to be freed
From yourself and your thoughts and your beautiful mind that stitched you up just perfectly to be a living breathing soulful spirit
How I couldn’t see that that spirit was being crushed under heaps of reality where reality itself is a human illusion
Why I couldn’t fathom what is fluid
This holy triangle had an open space to let me in
And sit and breathe
To let me free
To let me go and let me in
Inhale and exhale the thoughts that my mind presents to me and play with them
Why I couldn’t fathom what is fluid
You made a shelter when all that was, was breaking
You fought my demons when yours devoured you
You bought me fulfilment when all that I saw was void
Hollowness and completeness together taking refuge under your heart’s desires
You let me be
You let me free
How could you not love yourself for who you are when all you are, are pieces of mirrors?
Why didn’t you look into yourself for the world looks at you and finds themselves
And what they find is rather unpleasant and
Blame your shadow for it
Look into yourself darling
made out of lava and there resides you who clamped herself into a mirror shattered everyday with forces of nature
You’re beautiful
I could feel that lava flowing when I sat in the warmth of your shadow
You slowly melted
You expanded
I dived into you and didn’t burn
You saved me from yourself
Then darling, you see
Nothing stops you
From saving yourself