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An immigrant nurse’s last message amid covid-19 pandamic in ‘Queen’sLand’:

Don’t cry my mother,
Will send you a selfie
If I remain alive.
What kind of fate I have?
God’s grace I rely upon.

Other’s have returned home,
Ours can’t.
Despite lockdown,
Duty to save lives.
Spring has sprung,
Yet quiet roads and communities.
How is our daughter?
Far away, serving the ‘Queen’s-land’.

Busy though hospitals,
Many breathing their last.
They are in rush,
Duty to save lives.
No mask, no gloves, no gown..
Viruses have invaded everywhere.
She marched front line,
Unprotected, unarmed,
In this trap, she died in ‘Queen’s-land’.

When my parents ask, ‘where is our daughter?’
Tell them, ‘she fulfilled her duty, undeterred’.

When my husband asks, ‘where is my wife?
Tell him, ‘light a candle in her memory’.

When my children ask, ‘where is our mother?’
Tell them, ‘look up to the sky,
she has become a star.
She has become an angel.’

Kassyapa Vhikkhu