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A Gentle Reminder

Swept by a tsunami of fear
Scrambling, desperate for safety
Scrubbing furiously
Panic sets in
Have I missed a spot?
How do I prevent mum from getting it?

Grateful for some connection in a world changed by the invisible
Wise and kind words
A gentle reminder to breathe
To scrub with softer strokes
Intention on compassion
Fear still exists
But no tsunami, only waves

Face of a Bodhisattva

Have you seen a Bodhisattva?
How rare they must be
In ancient text in sacred scrolls
Described, but nought to see

In a year filled with death and fear
How lucky then are we
That millions of Bodhisattvas
Manifest for us to see

If you ask me what they look like
I’m not sure how I’d reply
You can’t tell by the way they look
But what they’re like inside

It matters not their age or gender
Race or occupation
The mark of a Bodhisattva
Is their courage and compassion

A Firefighter, policymaker
Doctor, nurse, or cleaner,
And countless others who work so hard
To make us that much safer

Bodhisattvas are all around us
They’ve always been and will always be with us
There’s even a Bodhisattva
Who’s reading this right now

Cindy Lu