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For the Time Being

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On my way to the endapproaching the next stop where less is more simple is beautiful scarce is abundantone glance is enough to see allbarely a gentle touch gives way to an eruption This serenity makes me smileI better keep silent Feyhan HellumMore of Feyhan’s… Read More »For the Time Being

Saving Yourself

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As I think of coming closer to you, I feel warmth in my body rushing to each part trying to remember how it felt like when we first held handsYour soul is artAnd your mind is an art formAnd your heart gives it rhythmI’ve been… Read More »Saving Yourself

What is this moment?

What is this moment? Sights, sounds and all sensual input. All just pieces measuring at the surface. Dive deep to be immersed and absorbed. Become like salt in this vast ocean, Unseen, yet, ever present Completely dissolved experiencing all Expanding and moving with wave after… Read More »What is this moment?

This paper thin reality peels away

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This paper thin reality peels away Revealing the underlying light This world is but a sheet covering Hiding the true being of unity There is only the light So fold back the illusion And know all that lies within One love, one being Dean Isensee

The Gum Tree

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It’s flayed trunkReminds usThat nature is not always kindBut in time we grow accustomed to our sorrows. Perhaps it welcomes the chanceTo strip off its armourAnd stand naked to the sun. But perhaps it just doesn’t care.Last year, two lovers wrote their namesIn its bark.By… Read More »The Gum Tree


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He has withdrawn into a cloud todayHe is hiding – yet still he emanatesAll-pervading – he is everywhereSo he took time – yet still he hears He’s not shy – he’s just everythingYou’ve no idea the everything that bringsHad to take a step back, allow… Read More »*EMANATE*


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When venerationBlows out all ofVanities’ illumination When all of spaceIs encased byAn infinite reflection When ‘being there’Fills the airLike sparklesUnder foliage When complexityAnd simplicityAre held equallyIn homage Bryce Wilson

Thoughts on Beauty

  • Poems

Beauty is the temple bell that sings into the night,Suspending us in moments of consistencies delight,Beauty is the strange surprise that calls one ever closer,Beauty is the starting place which most of us look over. Beauty is the space between the mud and blooming lotus,Beauty… Read More »Thoughts on Beauty