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An immigrant nurse’s last message amid covid-19 pandamic in ‘Queen’sLand’:

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An immigrant nurse’s last message amid covid-19 pandamic in ‘Queen’sLand’: Don’t cry my mother,Will send you a selfieIf I remain alive.What kind of fate I have?God’s grace I rely upon. Other’s have returned home,Ours can’t.Despite lockdown,Duty to save lives.Spring has sprung,Yet quiet roads and communities.How… Read More »An immigrant nurse’s last message amid covid-19 pandamic in ‘Queen’sLand’:

Who am I?

Who am I?What am I? Am I a man, a woman, a ghost in a machine?Am I an island?A reflection in the water?A spirit?A symbol of past or a harbinger of the future>Am I a link in the bracelet of humanity? Am I flesh and… Read More »Who am I?


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Bits and scraps, crumbs, fine Particles that drift down to Walkers of The Walk. Then: Thanks for that, Far-Seer! Great ‘Getter-of-the-Get’n! Mike Olds


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Wherever you plant your feet, may that be the line drawn against anger, hatred and violence;Wherever you stand,May only compassion, kindness and benevolence abide. May your presence in the world be a bulwark against the tide of selfishness, narcissism and greed;Wherever you are,May there be… Read More »IT’S UP TO YOU


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For those who beat meLet me have the highest hopes. For those who steal from meLet me have endless generosity. Let me be a friend to those who hate meAnd a comfort for all who do me wrong. Let me not think of some as… Read More »LET ME LET GO


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We are the sky;Storms do not tarry long.We are the stars;Clear light each and every one.We are the sea;Waves are our natureThough we are calm beneath.We are the creatures;Those above, those below,Those beside and those underneath.We are each other.We are darkness.We are night.We are sunshine;We… Read More »DHARMATA

Nature of the Self

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Earth dissolves in Water              Water disappears on Fire                            Fire is blown off of Wind Nothing is left to be understood It makes no difference     … Read More »Nature of the Self

Power Astray

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Human decision the worst that can strike this beautiful life-long dream At the moment on this planet Worse than any natural disaster ever By chance created by decision destroyed Feyhan HellumMore of Feyhan’s poems can be found here: